Sak pase!!! I'm your host Linda and welcome to the show. I'm originally from Haiti, so you might hear some words/phrases being said that may throw you off if you don't speak Creole or French. However, don't you worry, I have special seats up front for the people that want to learn...as well as seats in the back for those who don't. HA!! 

I am a mental health advocate, so if you or someone you know ever need professional assistance, please do not hesitate or be ashamed, afraid, or embarrassed to do so. After all, YOU have a purpose!! Repeat it out loud for the people in the back!!! You'll definitely be hearing me say that a lot throughout the show, so brace yourself.

I'm sure there's at least one person on this show that you can relate to. I call each guest my brave warriors. So jump right in and join the discussions to break these falsely labled taboo, stigmas, and misconceptions one chat at a time. 

As Always, Stay blessed and forget the rest. MUAH, MUAH. You gotta get both cheeks or that's considered rude.