Aug. 22, 2020

Back to School: SPECIAL NEEDS Edition

Back to School: SPECIAL NEEDS Edition

School is in session and I want to know what will you and your children be learning this year? Hopefully, it isn't how to work each other's nerves. HA. Who do you think will throw in the towel first? Parents? Students? Teachers? Interested in learning a different perspective? Join Effie as she gives insight into her world of raising a child with a disability. 

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Effie Parks


Effie Parks was born in the magical land of Montana, where she was raised with her 12 loving siblings. After moving to Washington and marrying her husband, they were blessed with the birth of their son, Ford Canon Parks. When she learned that Ford had been born with an extremely rare genetic condition – CTNNB1 syndrome – she dove into the world of advocacy. Now, she is the host of her own podcast, Once Upon a Gene, where she speaks to others about their journey through life with rare disease.