June 20, 2020

Maury determined...YOU ARE the Father!!!!

Maury determined...YOU ARE the Father!!!!

Anyone can be a father...but it takes someone special to be a dad. What's the best gift you ever gave your dad or received as a dad? Is it as simple as gifting a PS5? If you’re not with the child’s mom, are you still expecting something? What are some of your favorite memories? Who are you thankful for? Are you a survivor...of dad jokes? Let's chat about it. 

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Content Creator

Becoming a Content Creator was inevitable for Jay (founder of Joy Over Money Productions) as the art gene had been passed down to him at birth! He started Joy Over Money Productions in 2008 after coming to an epiphany about the value of enjoying the methods in which you earn a living! It was around Thanksgiving one year when Jay, who comes from a large Caribbean family, sat alone in a hotel room eating a tv dinner. The proud numerical amount he had been building in his bank account meant nothing as he wasn't allowed to leave work and be with his loved ones. While necessary to provide for oneself and family alike, money alone does not provide the same kind of happiness that using the creative parts of the brain does. It was with this concept Joy Over Money Productions was born. Fueled by passion and artistic skills, each project is tackled with enjoyment and everyone wins that way!