Jan. 2, 2021

New Year, New Changes - Career Breaks & Transitions

New Year, New Changes - Career Breaks & Transitions

Even with the new year starting off, do you need a mental break from work because you're exhausted or have you been thinking about a career change...to go where the money resides? HA. In either case, how will this decision affect your relationships?...

Are you thinking about taking the big leap and changing careers? Or perhaps you’d like to take a career break? Good on you!

No need to panic, though, as we’ve asked for the help of one of our brave warriors, Janice Scholl, to help guide you through these new and exciting changes!

  • Who is Janice School? 
  • The Ins and Outs of taking a career break
  • 3 Key Elements to consider before taking a career break 
  • How to prepare for the big return? 

Do you even know your options? Let's chat. 

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Janice Scholl

VP of Banking and Host of Money Career & Motherhood

Janice Scholl lives with her husband & two kids just outside Nashville, TN. She spent a decade as a commercial banker, 6 of which were before her daughter was born. She LOVED the work she did assessing risk and helping clients craft financial strategies for their businesses. However, after becoming a mother, balancing two professional schedules with the needs of a baby weren't as simple as a spreadsheet. She's here to help you navigate the career, financial, and identity changes that come through the stages of motherhood, starting in pregnancy and help you excel in both your professional and personal life.