The Chat Connection is absolutely amazing 👏🏿. I love a platform where thought provoking topics can be discussed freely and open mindedly 🧠. If you haven't tuned in 📻 then what are you waiting for? COME GET YOUR CHAT ON! 🗣 AND CONNECT TO A WONDERFUL PODCAST!

"For the people in the back" 🤣

This show is sooo needed during all the foolishness going on in our World! I love the range of topics ...from dating to white privilege Linda has you covered! If you are new to podcast, like me, this is a great start! You'll definitely be back

Amazing Podcast!

One of my friends recommended the podcast and I am glad she did! The host is full of positive energy and manages to turn challenging topics into insightful and fun conversations. Will recommend to my friends!

All the awesomeness

I loved it!! The authentic conversations really connects me to this podcast. Can't wait for their next episode.

Engaging and Extremely Insightful Podcast!

I absolutely love the Chat Connection Podcast! The topics are always interesting and Linda doesn't hesitate to tackle taboos. She does an excellent job at keeping the talk engaging throughout the duration of the episode. I love love love your energy Linda and how you always add a touch of fun to the podcast even when discussing uncomfortable topics. I encourage everyone to subscribe if you haven't already. Keep it up, girl!

A Must Listen for this GENERATION

Relevant. Impactful. Uncovering hard truths. A voice that needs to be heard. These are the words that I would use to describe this podcast! I fell in love on the first listen!! Linda is not only funny, but also breaking ground with having hard conversations that people will not speak on. I’m proud of you girl!!

Quality and Informative

The audio sounds is well recorded and the consistent quality each time I listened. Some of the topics has been an eye opener for me because it has given the space to be more opener minded. I am always looking forward to the next episode 😀!!! Keep up the great work 👐

Honest and Open Conversation

Thank you again Linda for offering a space to discuss ED recovery and healing! I’m so appreciative of your support and kindness.

Excellent, Thought Provoking & Engaging Podcast!!!

I have been listening to The Chat Connection since the beginning and it is amazing. I love the warm tones from the Host Linda and guest speakers along with the thought provoking topics and conversations. I have been challenged in so many ways from a good perspective to think outside the box and be open to another poiny of view. When I tune into the Chat Connection I know that I will hear authentic content from people how have the courage to be vulnerable and share. It is refreshing because it lets me know and I believe it lets others know they are not alone in whatever they are facing. This podcast feels like a conversation Amongst friends and I love it!!! Thank you for creating a space in the podcast world for authentic and meaningful converations. Cheers!!!

Great podcast!

I absolutely love this talk show! The host is amazing and the topics keep you interested! Linda does a wonderful job of keeping listeners engaged even with topics that may be a little uncomfortable to talk about. I always get a good laugh and new insight when I listen. Thanks girl!

Breath of fresh air!

I have been enjoying EVERYTHING about this podcast! I love how seamless these episodes are and the amazing energy that exudes through the phone. Linda does a fantastic job of keeping us engaged, discussing hard hitting topics, and keeping a jovial aura. I think it’s so important to bring awareness to important topics and provide a safe space to discuss them. Thank you so much for this experience!

I love TheChatConnection

I absolutely love thechatconnection podcast. If you’re looking for something that’s fun and educational, please listen to this podcast. You won’t be disappointed. It’s an eye opener on a lot of topics and the host is amazing. Give it a listen.

Fun, Authentic & Helpful!

The show is so much file. Linda is so great at helping people talk about difficult things. I love hearing the authentic vulnerable stories of guests on her show. Turn it up, kick back, laugh out loud, and take some notes!

Great podcast

Fantastic show full of real people and real situations. I love the thoughtful questions and insight and Linda’s laugh is infectious!

Great topics. Great host. Great interviews

Linda is an amazing host. She approaches her show with love, grace, authenticity, and a natural ease that gets great responses out of her guests. The topics are challenging and yet they feel insightful, fun, and leave you walking away feeling better about the difficult things we all share in life. Would definitely recommend.

Linda Linda Linda

What a beautiful and fun host Miss Linda is. I love her easy vibe and I have laugherd and learned while listening to her show. I admire her for starting these conversations of real life and helping to break down stigmas on "sensitive" subjects. Keep it up girl!

Educational and fun.

First off, this is a solid podcast!! The topics are very relevant and relatable. As a Black man in America, I instantly felt connected to the topic and the guests. Overall, this is a podcast worth listening to. Trust me, you will not regret it. Must listen!!!

Great Podcast

Great podcast that shares the opinion of all. Helps you to see different viewpoints as well!

Good Podcast!

I love listening—keeps me laughing and informed on a range of different topics!!!!